How it all began...

Our Pure Scents journey all began way back in 2005 simply because I (Cher) that is me, had unsuccessfully failed to find a natural skincare product that would help to manage my hyper-sensitive skin and my partner's psoriasis. For years we had both tried countless different products that never helped either of us long-term, so we decided to make our own with ingredients that we knew we could trust to support and nourish our skin naturally! We have always been motivated into living our life as naturally as possible and intuitively just know that everything that we need to achieve good health and balance is found within nature, so naturally, that is where we look to find ingredients that are safe, effective, and non-irritating to our skin and yours.

Pure Scents Founders 2005

That is us back in 2008 with our very first range of Goats Milk Soaps.

The first product that we developed is the goats milk soap range that we still make today and is loved all over Australia. Since then we also have developed some other and much loved skin-loving products, like our very popular Charcoal & Magnesium Deodorant Paste, Hemp Milk, Activated Charcoal, Sea Salt-Coconut Creme, and Zeolite soaps with more products in current development so do keep checking in with us, or even better sign up to our Newsletter to keep in the loop about all our new product alerts and exclusive offers (just enter your details at the bottom of this page.