How it all began...

Pure Scents was created way back in 2005 in Queensland. Our story all began because the founder (Cher) that is me, had been trying to find natural solutions to manage her sensitive irritable skin and her partner's psoriasis. After years of trying countless different products that never helped either of us long-term, we then decided to make our own with ingredients that we knew we could trust to support and nourish our skin naturally! We have always believed that everything that we need to achieve good health and balance is found within nature, so naturally, that is where we look to find ingredients that are safe, effective and non-irritating to our skin and yours.



We will only ever use the highest quality ingredients as close to their natural state as possible and leave out any irritating nasties, we are also passionate about keeping Palm Oil and all its derivatives out of our formula's too, as we are huge animal lovers and love our planet and this is our way in supporting the endangered Orangutans and the pristine rainforests that house them.


Even though we have been making our products for nearly 14 years we are still always fascinated by how nature and natural ingredients have the power to bring health and balance to all disharmony within and without us. With that in mind we have many more natural products in the pipeline to support the health of our do keeping checking in with us, or even better sign up to our Newsletter to keep in the loop about all our new product alerts and exclusive offers.


Love, Cher xx