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I absolutely love your soaps!

I absolutely love your soaps, especially the Detox - Activated Charcoal Soap!, it leaves your skin soo smooth and you feel really clean!! ..... its an excellent product, Ideal for teenagers with skin problems, all natural - no chemicals just what young skin needs!. Im 50 and it still leaves skin so soft that there is no need for body lotion - thankyou guys for the products!

Jenny Iasiello, South Australia.

Your Oatmeal and honey soap is AWESOME!!!

I would like to give you some feedback on your Oatmeal and honey soap - it is AWESOME!!!! I have had extremely dry skin for months the worst being on my hands. Using commercial soaps and detergent have made them worse. The soap really helped my hands after the FIRST use. I was really amazed. Now my hands are healing and almost back to normal and I have only been using it for 3 days. My husband uses this on his face and it is really moisturizing. I give this soap a rating of five out of five (5/5) ... really they are both fantastic!! 

T. Eckermann, N.S.W Australia.

It felt silky on my skin and lathered up beautifully :)

I was very excited to try your product for the first time. It felt silky on my skin and lathered up beautifully. I even could use my shower puff to buff my skin. Normally I would use shaving foam to shave my legs but with your product I can banish that for good. About a month ago my skin always felt itchy, now I can relax as your product is natural and I look forward to using it daily. Thank you so much and I will spread the word among friends. Your product is a real winner in my eyes! 

Katrina Suczynski, Cairns Queensland Australia.

I am forever grateful!

I am writing to let you know how delighted I am with your beautiful goats milk soap. I have suffered with itchy, dry skin for many years now and felt that I had exhausted the myriad of products that promised relief from the persistent and frustrating symptoms which often left me sleepless and covered in welts and rashes. Then my sister, who lives in Cairns, introduced me to your product and I am forever grateful. After using your creamy soap for the first time, my skin felt cooler, refreshed and much calmer. The itch simply went away. And unlike many other treatments I have tried, the results have been long lasting.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your suggestions and samples that you send me when you think you may have developed and even better product that may help my skin.  It is obvious that you are very passionate about your products and care very much about the people who use them.

Ruth Roberts, Victoria Australia.

I have found this soap to be very beneficial 

My name is Barry and I am a retiree living in Earlville. I have been suffering with a skin disorder similiar to eczema. A friend gave me a block of your goats milk soap with Calendula & Honey. I have found this soap to be very beneficial. The redness of my skin has reduced and so too has the dryness and the itch. I would highly recommend this soap to anyone who has a skin disorder.

 Barr, Earlville Cairns Nth Queensland Australia.

The soaps have made such a difference to my dry and itchy skin 

I have just started using the Pure Scents essential oil soaps and have found them to be wonderful products. The soaps have made such a difference to my dry and itchy skin. I would now not go back to using commercial soaps. I have tried nearly all of the different scented soaps and it is like having an aromatherapy session in the shower, I love all of them. I would highly recommend these products.

Grace Newington, Victoria Australia.

To my amazement my skin has improved 100%!

I am 43 years old and I have suffered a lifetime of poor skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, and facial skin problems. I have tried many  different products over the years. I started using Pure Scents soaps six months ago and to my amazement my skin has improved 100%. I have a smooth and unblemished complexion and my skin feels like velvet. I don't need to moisturize my skin as often as the ingredient's in the soap leaves my skin feeling hydrated. I feel and look better, and will never go back to using any other product again. Thank you Pure Scents.

Diana Frangi, Cairns Queensland Australia.

I don't itch anymore and my eczema is getting better!

I started using Pure Scents soaps after a friend recommended them to me,as I have very itchy skin due to my eczema. I have already noticed a great improvement in only a couple of months since using the soap. I don't itch anymore and my eczema is getting better. I love the texture and how it makes my skin feel, I even use it on my hair from time to time which leaves my hair soft and shiny. Thank you Pure Scents Soaps for this miracle. Now I can look forward to each day without that itchy skin.

Angela Busolini,Western Australia

My skin is not so dry as before and it has really helped a lot!

I have had Atopic Dermatitis since I was born. A lot of Japanese people have this problem. But I have really dry skin too so it makes it really bad. This year is final year at University and I am working at the same time so the stress is causing really bad dermatitis. My neck and arms were bleeding so bad I always had to cover up. But since using Pure Scents, my skin is not so dry as before and it has really helped a lot.

Tomoka Watanabe, Brisbane Queensland Australia.

My flaky itchy dry patches started to clear in a short space of time!

I just wanted to write to and to say thank you thank you for creating such a brilliant product. I have suffered with eczema all my life and have tried so many products to help me with this condition. A few weeks ago I found your soap in a store near me. I had heard so much about how goats milk is good for the skin and also good for eczema. I thought why not I will just give it a go, what to lose!. I bought a bar of your plain goats milk soap because it really looked so cute. I have to say that I was not expecting the results that I got. To my shear amazement my flaky itchy dry patches started to clear in a short space of time. I now have beautiful clear skin and my eczema seems like history.

Lisa -  Townsville, Queensland Australia

This charcoal soap was the best thing ever made!

I have been using this product twice a day for over 3 months and have noticed a great difference in my skin. It is silky smooth and has greatly reduced imperfections, and is now glowing. I don't even wear make up any more. This soap gives you that great tingly feeling when applied- that's when you know its doing what a real cleanser should do. Highly recommended product and also a wonderful company to do business with :)

Dahna Mak, Victoria, Australia.

The DETOX Tea Tree & Frankincense is better than any cleanser I have ever used!

The DETOX Charcoal Soap is better than any cleanser I have ever used (and I've tried a lot). Has made my face a lot softer and clearer and it smells awesome. The scented soaps are the best on the market.

Debbie Ricardo, Northern Territory Australia.

This soap left my skin glowing after the first use! (hemp milk soap)

I have tried hundreds of different skincare products in the past and have never found anything that left my skin feeling and looking as good as this soap!! I have sensitive,combination skin and this soap left my skin glowing after the first use. It also removed my eye makeup!! thank you!

Nuriye Hassan, Victoria, Australia.

I think this beautiful balm is the best, did I say 'Best' moisturizing, nourishing and feeding skin cream I've ever used on my skin! (Everything Balm)

I was lucky enough to try 'Everything Balm' right at the beginning, and have to share my results with you now. I think this beautiful balm is the best, did I say 'Best' moisturizing, nourishing and feeding skin cream I've ever used on my skin. I have that typical 'Aussie' dry skin, freckles and aging skin, which needs moisturizing, but everything else I've used, even after exfoliation has moistened the skin briefly but not fed it or nourished my skin like 'Everything Balm'. In the several months that I have been using this blend, I've noticed the skin is plumper and glowing and people comment on my complexion, which is a change, because I never got compliments about my skin before. I can highly recommend this balm to anyone who has problem skin, or blemishes or dry cracked heals, as Everything Balm is safe enough to use on open cracks, dry skin and aging, flaking skin. Love it Cher and delighted to be able to share this balm with anyone who needs an emotional and physcological boost. When your skin looks good, you feel fantastic. Thank you

Annie Clark, Queensland Australia -  www.anneclark.com.au

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The bestest soap I have used EVER! 

I have been using Pure Scents's soap for 4 - 5 years and have NEVER used anything else in that time. It feels perfect for my skin and I love the fragrances.

Susan Goldin, Queensland Australia.

Beautiful soaps!

I have found these soaps to be amazing. I have very sensitive skin and have found that I can even use these soaps on my face with no adverse reactions. This has led me to buying more and more and distributing them to all of my friends as gifts. I will continue to use these products always.

Sheryn Orr, Queensland Australia.

Good quality product :)

I have used soap for a while now and must say I really love it. It is great for face as well. It does not leave skin dry and I love the fact that there are no nasties. It is also very reasonably priced and lasts for quite a long time.

Nella Randone, Victoria Australia.

Best Soap Ever! 

I find the goats milk soap just wonderful for my skin, I especially love the Rose Bud, the whole bathroom smells of roses!

Vivwiene Bowe, Cairns Queensland Australia.

Smells Divine!

Creamy soap with a good lather, smells divine!

Sharlene, WA Australia.